X  this single letter of the Alphabet has so many meanings for me. I could say with complete honesty that it (X) could have been me in my younger years as this shy, quiet confused and troubled youth.  Fortunately, direction did come to me and allowed me to become this totally different positive person. The creative individual was always there, it was just under so many layers hence the name Dubb Deuce.

I have been referred to by quite a few a  modern day  Renaissance man…Hmnnn Perhaps. I’ll just say as I always have and will continue to do so. “I have been there and done it, to the full. I am on a continual ascension of growth and creativity and doing it to the full”.

X also means to me the tiny town of Helena Arkansas and an even smaller section of town called the Crossing.  Everything that I am today is because of those Southern Roots. A solid foundation was built there. Now to be perfectly honest. some of the structures that were built upon that foundation fell to the wayside ( sigh) many times, but the foundation as I said was solid and the end results are what you see and witness today.

I am Dubbyoo aka Dubb Deuce and I represent Flow-N-Inque and most certainly the X!






Free Bird

Of the very many things that my beloved grandmother the Illustrious Callie Ira Wright taught me was that I was the only one that could confine me. It would be many years later as to my developing the full meaning of what that meant.

If you have followed me for any length of time, viewed more than one of my pieces you would recognize very quickly that I am certainly not confined by what I Inque on paper or canvas.

There have been many that questioned me as to how I could support this band as they paraded around the stage waving the flag of the Confederacy? Now I am a Southern boy born and bred through and through and I share no love whatsoever for that flag. I however like these good ol boys music or in particular this song.  They did change up the flag ( reasons unknown to me at this time) The song is me…. A free Bird…



Because this song touched me the way it did. I am truly that free bird or found out years later that I was a free bird and that the only person that could contain me was myself. I created this piece appropriately titled free bird, and I will have it in my Gallery for sale. The mediums are white Pen and chalk on a black illustration board. It was my 2nd attempt at doing something different.


Love in the key of Beautiful


My Rose, my beautiful, beautiful rose

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Have you ever been in love so deep that everytime you thought of them you wanted to weep.  From the moment you saw them walk into the room you thought the heavens opened up and took away all your gloom.

Every word they say lingers in your mind without stray.  From yourself this love doesn’t allow you to take away, but just the simple glimpse in your direction from them, makes you wonder how long it’ll take to measure a wedding dress hem.  Well, that’s exactly how I feel about This woman..like my heart slipped and got stuck in some glue, cause all I replay in my mind each and every time I see her face is my heart saying Yes! she chose me…“I do, I do”

 Love….I said Love Y’all

Allow me to present this auditory, visual and as you read- mentally stimulating view of a brother in and about expressing LOVE!!  lOVE IS TRULY THE KEY 

lOVE IN THE KEY OF BEAUTIFUL…. I have lived a beautiful and bountiful life and in that time. I have seen some beautiful women ( still do) but no one is as beautiful to me than the woman who took my last name, and the woman that I helped create. I am inspired by the architect of my archetype who built and created beautiful, graceful, and innovative statues called women. Carved from ebony and onyx each and every one the queen’s movements are etched and frozen in time like ice. Not being blinded by the bling and her beauty as she is worth far more than rubies. Chiseling names in the halls history you may read names like Nina…Simone that is, Lalah…Hathaway, you know…Donnie’s kid,The Jewell Ms.Jill Scott and Angelic Angie Stone-just singing full harmonies and not just flat notes on paper. Thank you! This post was conceptualized with those women in mind. Dessa & Jasmine you two truly are my Beautiful Girls!!!!

Ree Ree just a lil sumtin sumtin..

They say that beauty Is only skin deep But her beauty lies Deep beneath the surface… And it would be Absolutely worthless If I didn’t look beneath her beautiful brown skin To search for The beauty that lies within… And it would be a sin for lustful men To even be In her vicinity… because such femininity should be matched with the perfect blend of passion and masculinity…

Her infinite light shines bright enough to illuminate the kingdom of heaven… The kind of girl that any man would want to introduce to the Reverend and take her places she’s never been… Many men have tried but couldn’t swallow their pride long enough to enter Gods’ greatest divide, because they were too shallow…

Her body, worth its weight In silver and gold pleasure and pain even her name Should be hallowed… Not too many know the difference between sinful lust and eternal bliss… So they’ll never experience a soul like this.  Even if they tried… Access denied… And if they told you so they lied… The bride of benevolence, which means that she’s a gift to the world… Like priceless diamonds and cultured pearls she’s one hell of a girl… I long to see the world through her eyes and take in her perception…

I would gaze in a daze as she looks in the mirror at her own reflection… My third eye is blinded by her radiant Illumination… Enough to sit back and assess the situation… And with eyes wide shut I would proceed to explore until the floor Becomes the ceiling and the ceiling becomes the floor… I want to treat her body Like the canvas And my tongue as the brush And when it’s all Said and done Leave no area Untouched… Leonardo, Picasso,Vincent Van Gogh… Rembrandt, Caravaggio, you already know… With feet firmly planted on the ground I would profess to the sky… That pride would be put aside and ego’s would have to die…

The clouds would fill up until the heavens start to cry until we become the sun and  we would grow wings and fly. Crooked letter I… sigh… and emerge from the deep. I would sing her sweet lullabies until we both fall asleep… and in her dreams I would creep.

Till what glitters Turns to gold And forever Be and extension Of this beauty… and her soul

When I was looking-My queen didn’t have to be a Jayne Kennedy, Pam Grier or some famous celebrity, to rule next to me I was not looking for superhead, a video vixen, or a rack city chick. There is no room for ratchetness in my kingdom. A witch with a ring on it, is still a witch just like a fixture with on and off is called a switch. Diamonds may shine and gold may still gleam, however  what the lady has around her neck doesn’t necessarily make her a queen.

No, I was not looking for face cards with the letter Q.  I was not looking for a woman who only knew how to shop, make reservations,  and paint her nails, but didn’t know who God is, and didn’t know how to minister to a nation.

I just wanted what God has for me…Well Y’all….God Blessed me with her…….

One Wang

 I’m a testimony in the making. A shining light of hope beaming with prosperity. My test and trials are the blueprint to my destiny. I’m choosing to walk the beaten path that’s layed before me. Holding my head up, filled with positive thoughts Keeping my eyes on the prize that my God has promised me. Enduring the heat and the cold I’ve traveled through many seasons, Still I move on strutting in my strive to reach my destination. God has brought me across murky waters and held me close through the storms, Given me rest and a peaceful soul comforting me when my eyes were full of tears. Keeping and protecting me as He watches me with his loving eyes Placing people in my path to encourage and inspire me when my faith was getting weak So I have NO choice but to honor his Name, and give Him the Glory everyday- even when it’s all said and done Because He has brought me a mighty long way and I refuse to give up…. until He says “good work my child” and I’m laid to rest.

One WANG I’m up early in the morn-n….cause I can’t sleep….listened to my g-ma when she said try pray-n..so I tried to pray to the Lord…but Ol Dubbs faith is weak….so another day goes by and I feel close to death…So as I become higher and feel closer to death……I hold my breath- cause when I exhale……I feel mo of my life go- anotha reason I hustle night and day fo.

Yo! I feel fo you, when I throw on the colors that represent my set…..it might be me, it might be you, but rest assured somebody gon die tonight…whom it will be…I don’t know yet…….If it’s gon be me….. well I have dealt with it…I have committed many sins I lived for my hood and I buried many friends. For the hommies on lock down—Y’all know I flew many a kite..to keep y’all in the know- y’all also knew that a night did not pass that the other fools blood did not flow….

Fo me it was about making that chedda – and I never thought about life gettin betta well…..It’s another minute past midnite and Dubb is in the bed..so I say this prayer off the dome (the top of my head)

Lord…I do not know what you have in sto fo me…………………… I just hope that Heavens door may open up fo me ……………………. On the day that I get caught slippin, will you hold your arms open fo me? Right now, I’m drunk and high, and I can’t maintain focus see….I know from my upbringing that this aint the right way, but I’m being real to thee. So When I call your name, will you know it’s me? I’m hoping that some of your spirit will flow in me. Can you show me the light I’m supposed to see.

Lord, On the truth I’m lost as to what you have in sto fo me………I just hope through my being real right now you open open up your doors fo me…..This is on my every thang that brother trying to soar…..on one wang….fo realz





Just a little something that reflects my love of the musical & comedic talent of these people Heart and Kevin Hart. Truthfully Y’all is this song not appropriate for the  K-razy of  Kevin?

Well at any rate, as I tend to do. I merge a musical piece to a piece that I am working on…So please enjoy Heart 2 Hart


Who Ya Rollin With

Hello there, I have spoken on many occasions about these two personas, Dubb Deuce and Beast. This has led to ( understandably so) the question. ‘What if are the differences between to two” I hope to answer and simplify that question. I hope that you will support and continue to support one or both.

Please view the video below to develop an understanding of the differences of Dubb Deuce ( D.D.) and Beast…..I can say that they are both extremely passionate about their craft and the way they go about creating..


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The Year was 1983, and this very young songstress released a song that moved me then and still does.

well I wanted to capture this person with my pencils

                                               and yall can tell me what you think.


I’m sitting here pondering and feeling good…shall I say recognizing my blessings. I was staring out the window visually taking in all of our Creators wonderment…

Image result for count your blessings

and then this song came to mind

Wooooooo Weeeeeee this song rocks me just as it did when it first came out… My thought for today people, is to count your blessings.

You have a choice! You can either count your blessings or your problems. I do believe that by counting your blessings causes your problems to shrink, and soon you will forget they exist.

Counting your problems makes blessings shrink, and soon you’ll forget that you have any. When you wake up in the morning, you should decide whether you’re going to count your blessings or your problems.

That decision sets the tone for the entire day. The best way to fill your cup with joy is to turn on your Good Finder and rediscover the blessings. I can not speak for you all, but the things that are positive in my life far outnumber the negative. When I focus on what is good, my mind replays my blessings all day long. I must count my blessings or my blessings will not count.

Public Service Announcement


Please stand by for this Important Public Service Announcement


I repeat….this is not a Request line

Just cause Dubb spits that fyah…don’t ask me (if I aint feelin it) to write some of that love shit, Please! If you see me in my zone… Do not interrupt my flow…………askin me for some shallow ass  Roses are red and violets are blue bull crap, cause as my title says “This aint no request line”. Please y’all…do not plead with me, that you want to hear some silly bird and the bees shit While I hear about lil girls being abducted daily And continuous stories of lil boys being molested…….sadly By these sick predators Scavenging…….. Yours and my neighborhoods. Cause I do not think that…crime can’t happen where I live And your sick ass, wants to be entertained……. Yes I’m a poet……………… And yes…sometimes what I say can be entertaining But always…I said always… what I want my words…I said What I want,is for my words to enlighten. So this aint entertainment………… and This aint no request line”

Do you want entertainment? Listen to this I will take this time to interrupt my broadcast,

so your ass can be entertained…….Well…………Now that you have been hopefully thoroughly entertained.I would like to bring you back to the state of enlightenment Please do not further detain me with your requests or pleas for Humorous, shucking, jiving, and poetry with slick well-crafted beats When continents are at war And nations are killing their own on a daily For religious differences And invisible no fly zones And borders are stained with blood From trespassers in their own minds. Cause this right here What Dubb-U is talking about Is…………………….. I repeat “Is not a request line” Please as you continue to listen Do not send me requests for Frivolous vanities and dreams of a perfect world When the klu klux Klan and the New Black panther party Can march on the capital With messages of hate and separatism And American democracy says “It’s their right under the law” Naw y’all This is Dubbs joint And it aint No request line

Naw…I aint taking no requests Because my poetic soul Compels me to flip This beast of society And expose that underbelly that we all would like to ignore Sho I’m right …I already knows this. I’m gonna speak and show you the depravity in the black community Precipitated by those Democrats and republicans That don’t know you till election time Dubb gonna speak on the racism and separatism that exists in our churches As we tend to go our separate ways on Sunday mornins at eleven And I sho can’t igno the under handed dealings of our guvment officials That dare not stop the illegal drug trade because it would mean No mo six bedroom mansions, yachts and expensive cars So the ghetto keeps the crack in its veins And Dubb gonna shout it out About the modern day Jim Crow

And the institutionalized racism in the day to day operations of our corporations Where the Negro really aint welcome in the boardrooms and those not so secret Meetings where we gonna keep them (shut yo mouf) in their place In this here modus operandi Corporate pimps and government simps Hated racism, schisms and isms Do you hear me shouting Y’all? Do you hear me? Shouting out about the billions of aborted babies, and euthanized seniors I’m hollering but can you hear me?

Do you still want to be entertained? Well, you won’t be purposefully entertained here Because …this is no request line Now…Open your ears ……to the poetic truth I have brought to you This has been my public service announcement

Troubles of the World

As we deal with North Korean missle launches, a Racist and ever so foolish president, recession, droughts, high gas prices. Higher Taxes, and senseless shootings & killings( especially of children), not to mention continued Racism. I was watching Roots, and it made me misty- thinking about all we ( As black peoplez) went through and we casually act as though there was no struggle ( It was not that long ago people). I think about this song and the fond memories I had with my G-ma, watching this movie when it came on- “Imitation of life”

This is my take on the troubles of the world. Distracted We’ve made more fun of Michael Jackson than we have the Catholic bastard Whose malpractice practicing ass-backwards tactics with little boys asses on grown folks mattresses and Black Activist have grown passive and inactive cause the cash spent on gas has become a distraction.

The laughter and chit chatter about who’s’ tits get fatter, matter more than the war we are fighting no more, We are still fighting for oil; Oops, guess I spoiled the secret. No one’s concerned enough about who the school teachers’ sleep with. O.J just got his parole (at the time of this writing)….. Politics are all about the race And now the contenders have thrown gender on the agenda, but whose fixing the levees that surrender ever September when the weathers’ a bit bitter, Commissary is a bit slimmer so more of ours are starving for dinner.

So we work more hours but our wallets are getting thinner. We remember the sinners when we’re sinned against directly, but if it doesn’t directly affect me… We’re a little more concerned about which celebs are doing porn, whose cracking jimmy’s corn, Whose baby is being born and who’s blowing the industry’s horn, That we don’t notice we’re hit by a storm until months after it’s gone, something’s wrong. Something belongs on the table that we are unable to provide, So we divide our time between getting high and living the lie.

Quick to claim we’re trying to survive or just along for the ride. We strive to hide our pride and our alibi is, “I tried”. Children trying to confide and parents are unsupportive, “Not while I’m watching Law and Order/ Damn, look at that reporter; she got a nice rack/ Wh-what did she say about Iraq/ who owes income tax – hold on baby, after the game/ Damn I gotta get me that chain/what did what’s his name in Darfur die for..it wasn’t the ice that I wore.

how many soldiers will die for my war” “It’s 10 pm. Do you know where your children are?” “I know he had a question to ask last time I saw him But I had to read this article about how this rapper made it to stardom… do he think I forgot him/ No problem, I got him” We are lost as a people, blind leading the blind; we don’t see the evil that we do We see clearer through smoke and mirrors than real issues.  Missiles through Manhattan is what happened before there were bombs in Baghdad.

War has a price tag and what’s so sad; our warriors being sold for toe tags, but we don’t see that we act uncivilized then visualize the lives we wish we had. Scantily clad women in place of collapsing buildings, the kidnapping of children missing and the billions in government spending. We listen to lyrical killings as fake Emcees empty clips on their enemies. We’re entertained by the bang-bang of gang violence, but afraid when they wage riots complain during rainy climates, we are slaves in the Promise Land Searching for waves when we were promised sand, and we’re drowning in a sea of lies disguised as stimulating satisfactions.

Distractions from the facts and what’s actually important rather than enjoyment, like the lack of employment where poverty lurks.  The economy’s hurt, but we’d rather occupy the days in our lives with ‘Days Of Our Lives’ and ‘Family Ties’, rarely seeing the signs that this nation is dying barely providing for our children or taking the time to hear them Or answering the questions they’re asking. We elude them through the confusion of optical illusions And fall victim… to distractions