What kind of man


Hot Damn! I’m sorry y’all- Well Not really. I’m not going to apologize for truly feeling these truly talented brothers. They are real musicians, real writers, and their songs resonated volume of soul and substance.

Somthing that I hope will one day be said about my writing and my art pieces, as that is what I put into each and every creation.  I’m here today writing about what Stockley (the Lead singer) sang about….Oh! and what these videos talk about………..A GOOD MAN, & What type of man would I be if I were not a good man.  I’m not gon lie…..I took the long road finding my way to becoming my definition of this good man. I have witnessed many examples both good and bad, and I emulated those that I wanted to be like and learned even more from those that I did not want to replicate. I am only a good man, not this perfect man, which only means that I can become a better man. I plan on doing just that because the person whom God Blessed me with deserves nothing less than my absolute best.

and every day I try to give her and become just that.

The other day I and one of my good friends were outside talking about relationships and the subject of a good man. We got knee deep in conversation when someone mentioned-not only a good man but a responsible man. That got me to thinking (you know how I am).  I have been married more than a couple of decades and have made my mistakes along the way, so I felt like I could honestly put my two cents/dollar in…..

what is a good man, and what is a responsible man?

 A responsible man?

First, manhood is firmly rooted in training and discipline.

One may be male by birth, but becoming a man is a journey which a male must make in order to realize, not only his full potential but to become a benefit to his home, church, community and general society in general.

Manhood, also requires an unwavering loyalty to the truth, regardless of public opinion, personal thought, family critiques, or historical revisionists.

My sole purpose with this piece is to help men become better, instead of bitter……

So my brothers and my sisters (please pass this on to that brother) what are you?

Are you Man or a Male?

1. A man does not carry a grudge. A male looks for ways to get even.

2. A man takes every opportunity to better himself. A male complains that he has to stay where he is.

3. A man gives to his community. A male takes from his community.

4. A man is measured by his character. A male is measured by his sex drive.

5. A man is a protector of women in general and committed to one woman in particular.

A male views women as chattel, and is not committed to any one woman.

6. A man is secure in his Manhood and is striving to help other Men realize that same security.

A male is not secure in his Manhood and uses the gun, knife, club or pipe to tear down other individuals.

7. A man has established a firm relationship with God, church, and other godly men.

A male uses the church for his own gain, shuns godly counsel and training, and seeks God only when trouble comes.

I spoke on it and I am left only to ask one mo gin…Are you a man, striving to be a man, or are you a male?

Holla at me…
Dubb Deuce

Bout that life

I’m Here to tell y’all that Yesterday, Yes Yesterday……..All my troubles- WERE NOT far away…. I was livin for the day. a deeply troubled young man, no direction, no conscious, no aspirations….I was that Dude……And that dude was nothing nice….From banging to slangin..etc….Who knew..I would come out the eye of the storm, on a path of redemption doing good things- Back then it was all about ME, then came a realization that if it is about Him and His working through me I could and would do what I’m doing now GREAT THANGS!! …Counseling & mentoring young brothers like me..or how I was- Entrepreneur, Poet, Artist, conscious social blogger, college & Life educated….Whew!

Thank You, God!  I know you aint through me with yet…Cause because of you…..I’m bout that life…That loving Christian. I really would like y’all to watch this piece.. My re-creation of the Illustrious L-Booogaaaay (lauren Hill) one of my still favorite pieces to date!!!!!!!

Someone once asked me… “Dubb….Why do you write poetry?” And I said that I don’t write poetry….My life is poetry Or better yet…’Flowetry’

See…if you analyze what I’ve gone through. My situations are nothing but stanzas of God’s message and for my transgressions- Words became my blessings. Cause when nobody was around…he gave me rhyme, With a sample of His will…I made up my mind- To help beautiful roses grow from the concrete… called Life.

Even when at times I fall…I write them out- So others can stand on the promises laid. When I seek comfort…I turn to my Father in my Psalm 16’s Who showed His confidence in Martin Luther’s dream and laid the underground railroad for Harriet Tubman To guide me through the darkness and back into the light, but when I feel my hope is lost…I turn to the hills where the strength of Abraham, Issac, Moses, and David came from- So I can continue to float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee- cause His words need to be nurtured- So the message can be heard And who better than I…a forgiven sinner who was once a saint. But for this gift I wish God would’ve given me two brains for those times when life was too much to maintain- But when my thoughts start talking My pen urges to start walking. I then drift off into what some call a blank stare But…It ain’t that.

It’s just that He opened my 3rd eye to His vision So when He speaks I race to catch His precision. Cause He doesn’t repeat Himself too often and I’d rather catch Him the first time Cause three times…He saved my life. Three times He saved me from drama that could’ve ruined me- And more than seven times He touched me to speak when I thought I was weak Cause I could’ve been just another Nigga…but he made a Man That’s what gave me comfort after the “old me” died Now my name is engraved on reality’s fine line That I would be used as His instrument- for I had been filled with His ink And no matter how the world blinded me…I still live the vision in His sight So when you come and ask me…”Why do you write poetry?” I can say that I don’t write poetry …My life is poetry… …And God is still writing my piece!…

Dubb Deuce

A D.U.B.B. Special News report

This is a special News report live from the Blaack House


We interrupt your regular station Program to bring you this message from special news correspondent Dubbyooo……Dubb, what do you have for us…….

This is T Dubb reporting live and uncensored ( at least for the moment) with this special news report.

Live From the Blaack House

Live uncut, uncensored, raw and tough love coverage from the Black House

Welcome to the 12 o’clock black news
The Dubb stands here alone because he refuses
The destruction of black minds…the messages you are about to witness is unkind
Here in this surrounding, I am free…to be totally me…and give you what they don’t want
You to see…
Our top story:

The KKK is very much alive, fully functional and active…
No longer do they have to be proactive
Instead of white men in robes, there are now black faces…now doing the chases
They have taken the white boys places…silly asses are now
Killing other black faces
The black community is indeed horrified and in a grave state

This just in:

There has been reported a growing number of bisexual black men
Their sorry claims have been “What? Gay?? No that’s not me!!!”
Yet continually infecting the Black Queens with HIV
Claiming they aren’t gay but like to have sex with other men
Since when…has a penis in another man’s butt NOT been…
A clear-cut sign of a homosexuality phenomenon??
The surgeon general has issued this warning:
“If he doesn’t appear gay please don’t make the assumption he isn’t on
The down low…
Pick your partners carefully and not at random
Until you are completely sure of his status to make sure he wraps that pickle
Up with a condom.”

More news:

The former United States president( G-Dubb) was factually found using war and other false claims for his own agenda
He used government-controlled media to spread his deceitful propaganda
The bastard stole the election, sent many to die…for a lie…. and get this newsflash
The cocksucker doesn’t give a shit about the black masses…. those that voted for him
Didn’t you feel like some stupid jackasses??
The sorry bitch quadrupled the national debt
And his second term wasn’t even finished yet

In other news:

Grandmothers are now in their thirties, reason because kids are raising one another.
This at an alarming rate…getting high, acting stupid and having sex
Is the life they swear is so great
I am vexed.
The younger they are the younger they are having sex
And if it keeps up know what’s next?
I sure as hell don’t want to be here when that day arrives
Little black girls pregnant at the ripe old age of nine

In a related story:

Girls are going around wearing less and less…thinking it’s truly ok
To be looking a hot ass mess

Another late-breaking story:

Instead of doing for self a majority of Blacks are looking for handouts
Whites in America are secretly and silently wishing they would just get the hell out
Asking God to bless America…and please send these niggers back to Africa
Black people can’t seem to grasp the concept of a love of self
Too damn busy in love with the white folk’s life and wealth


The niggers are killing each other!!!
Seems like no matter what…. they can’t get their shit together
Gas prices are up…black minds are tore up
All they want to do is get crunked up….


Black consciousness continues to go down


The elders that have passed looks down on today’s generation with a frown
Officials have determined that if Black folks don’t get their shit straight
The next generation will suffer an even more dreaded fate

Flowda police handcuffed a five-year-old little girl
Black folks are silent while white folks rejoice…the cops made the right choice
The whites and uncle toms proclaim all is right with the world
Surprise surprise…hiding under false pretenses of kindness and lies
“We are all one color and one race” is the new disguise
As long as there are revolutionaries present the revolution WON’T be televised!!

In other news:

In an effort to kill another whose skin likened to his own
A man fled the scene of a shooting of a 7-year old that was his own
Black men appear to not be standing up because they are constantly falling down
They seem to only be concerned with acting like dumb ass clowns
Young black men masses…pants hanging all past down their asses
Blacks, in general, are in a deep sleep in alarming numbers
But there is hope
The conscious ones are in a constant fight to awaken them from their slumber
That’s the end of this broadcast from one not scared to tell it
I will be back with more as these stories develop
Even if I have to go to rooftop to rooftop to yell it
This newscast has been brought to you by Kahn-Tim- Plation Network programming where we try to raise your consciousness……………Now back to your original program


Inner City Blues

Oh Mery Mercy me, not another one My young black brother struck down by a gun And over what, this time as if there is ever a good reason……. Y’all brothers better duck and dodge, because it’s huntin season And the game of the hunt is you….killing another brother because he’s sportin red or blue And then you wonder, why so many of our murders go unsolved- There’s no need to worry about the man James Earl ray,or the Klu Klux Klan It’s now the Police man- Or US…Making their job, that much more simple or can you not see. They don’t mind giving us a mule and forty acres, as long as this is where we bury………… the bodies Of brothers and sisters whose cold eyes still hold onto warm dreams Strung out on the thug life, eyes empty like some dope fiend And we, we have the nerve to go on these marchin crusades With all this street preachin and rallies- Don’t think that for a minute that the problem lies in the decaying black family. Too quickly to speak on what someone else is not doing. Lets take a second…No!…….. lets take a minute………………. to look at our own sin I ask you, how can we expect our young black boys to grow up and be responsible……………………… men? When the only man they know in their life, can just teach them the rules of hustling And most of the things that they learn in this life Is from a young black woman just struggling to get by. It has to be hard for a woman to teach a young boy the rules of being grown, When most of the time, if I may speak….Awww hell I been doing it ( speaking the truth) He’s the head of the home. We need to stop pretending, lets face reality when tragedy comes Always got that fool on the news , hollering and sounding real dumb. It’s truly not hard to not realize why our brothers are dying right and left. When the sanctity of our home is something we have not kept. things will only change- when parents stand up and say that enough is enough. Don’t wait until the streets raise them and then…Yes! I said it……….and then you try and get tough. Teach em the value of a dollar earned from the good ol fashioned nine to five teach them that every one is precious, let em know the value of human lives teach em that being a real man means loving God first Teach em how to love themselves and value

their own worth…. Oh! Mercy  Mercy Me..  how much more can I take? Damn! another Nubian caught up in a tragic mistake so damn busy, thinking that he loves you so much- loving him so much that you reached down into your soul to touch Places that you should have held more importance to you than a night on the town, intoxicated by a few brews and you staring at a dark sky, only lit by a few stars gave up all you own in the back seat of a car to someone that won’t remember, when the sun breaks through the horizon of a blue sky………………….. Damn Girl! so many, many men, and so many, many lies. lies that you have repeated to yourself as you lay alone in your bed stories stuck on repeat play in your head- as you ponder is this all I am ever going to be a lost girl pregnant again or riddled with disease. Sista…I am a dude no doubt but let’s not pretend that I don’t know this story as It is being told your pain is staked in fairy tales that you were sold. A romantic tale of life laced in the clouds of sweet happily ever afters hoping to find that prince, a white picket fence two kids and that is all that matters in pursuit of this dream…………………

Aww, girl, there is so much more I have left out- our older queens fail to tell our princesses what life is truly about. I’m here to tell you life ain’t about sitting at home, watching Love and hip hop eating whatever….and scratching the back of your suga daddy.  You should be going to school, working hard, paying your bills and rocking your own caddy- take a minute sista….realize the strength that is flowing through your veins Harriet, Angela, Rosa too….to many strong black women for me to name but y’all Nawl……….. let me back this thang up…Some of y’all- think your prowess is manifested through laying on your back, but if you see yourself with your strength in standing upright there is nothing you could lack it’s hard to turn the world on its shoulders when you are still up in a mess,  thoughts twisted and distorted by a shameful past that you think is too painful to forget.  I ask you sista….take one minute to look,  and you will see that those bonds have been loosed- there is no one holding you captive sista…The warden is simply you… Awww Mercy Mercy Me.

I ponder often and I have so much more to say as I watch this world change, evolve changing/digressing every day It used to be when I walked out with my woman, I was checking for Earl and Tim nowadays I can’t go to the show sto without acking a fool………….. because I have to check Danielle and Kim. Damn Y’all- I’m frustrated………….. as I wonder how long Y’all gon fall because  the game got you set up in a section 8 house, gettin that check, that EBT card and you remain the same. What kind of world is it when lil Wayne and Birdman kiss on tv- and then we get all riled up because Janet half exposed…so someone calls the FCC Yeah ! I get pissed off because people are upset that we have a president with the name Obama but want to say I can’t get out of the past when I talk about the Terrorism of Black Wall Street Check your history people..I’m talking about the Bombings of Black Oklahoma I’m tired of hearing about Aids and Cancers diseases, that same to warrant no cure I’m tired of watching CNN and Fox and flashing scenes of breaking news I’m tired Y’all walking up in church and seeing the same old you.

You who comes each Sunday wiping tears and shouting Amen Sitting in front of the first lady and she looking at you like you her man And don’t forget about that Deacon calling you baby, but he is someone else’s man Y’all I aint got nothing against the church or most of the people that attend I’m just speaking about what I have witnessed, some of y’all just a straight up mess and that statement I will no amend Sunday Saints I call you..wearing a mask disguising your true Identities and Y’all have the nerve to say God bless, when this is how you choose to be Oh Lord, if you can hear me, through all this mess, Please forgive OH! MERCY, ME

What Now?????????

“My country tis of thee- Sweet land of liberty(We as Minorities are still working on that one) Of thee I’m gon speak on. Land where my fathers died, Land where my fathers died, Land where my fathers died……………………. WHAT NOW”?


After hundreds of years of freedom; My brothers and sisters most of us still inhibit solitude in our minds. still slaves of a new kind. Materialism and shine continue to make us blind Ferguson, Oregon, Oakland, New Jersey, from Tennessee to DC We march and cry for justice for the lost lives and equality but when it’s all said and done we choose to remain trapped in this cycle of low quality full of frivolity. We speak on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness but by everything I have seen, we continue to live in strife, bigamy and

foolishness What now? I’m putting in my nickels worth, and saying-our civil rights are nothing more than civil wrongs but what are we really doing, besides sanging the pity song? I see the man in the mirror, and he is the one I am placing blame on cause we continue to fall short as if there was never a reason. I’m just speaking what I feel, like y’all like to say “keeping it real” but you want to label me like I committed grand treason I’m just saying, it’s not as if King, Parks, and many more did not stand, sit, march, and die for our freedom Yes Our America, has failed us time and time again I ask that you not depend on a country to ascend with what the lord has placed within lady Liberty has written a check with insufficient funds but that is no excuse to be the deficient ones My

brothers and sisters, I ask you What now?  There is nothing better than the present, and nothing more important than right now no better time to stand up and not bow down. My people, it is true, patience is a virtue- but procrastination is sure to hurt you This is just a lil sumtin-sumtin with my bro, my homie Rob- Dubb-U to alert you remember the names and remember how we brought this to you but on the real know this……Only you can convert you listen up with the urgency of an emergency we need you to emerge-n-see and make the sacrifices for our kin create a new path for our children’s children because if you love em you don’t want them to succumb to the same wrath swim with the tide, and get out of the quicksand because there is nothing that a solid rock of unity cannot withstand really have your brothers back and realize he ain’t really heavy because-trying to do it alone in this world just shows em we

this world just shows em we ain’t ready so What now?  we can do this people, we can gain our rights, without having to get on the devils level & do wrongful deeds We as a people will never succeed, if we continue to place our wants above our needs, Are y’all hearing this? Yes! though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we should not explore the alley of the blind our lord and savior granted me much common sense, while others are mindless hmnn…we all seem to want the blue skies without having to get through the storm but are not willing to go there, walking the miles to get there due to the fact that it will take too long it seems as though the educational system is only convenient, to those already educated it’s only the hungry who are truly motivated I’m saying this because I feel it is necessary lets learn, make and continue our history longer than what we are given in February be of value before, you are lay to rest in some cemetery daily I preach on breaking the chains of Psychological slavery help me as I help you transform fears into bravery deep down can you feel, the things our ancestors had to endure, but we physically never went through I have only this to ask you What now? Girl, Lady, Mz Liberty…..I simply ask, where do we go from here?


Sumtin about a Woman

I’m not one to sang, but if I could belt out a note…it would certainly be like this……….”There she goes again lookin’ like She just stepped out a magazine, such a pretty thing There she goes again knowin’ there’s a chance that she might create a scene, do you know what I mean? Don’t Y’all  agree? (Oh yeah) I can’t hear ya……. I said ain’t she the finest thing that you ever did see (Oh yeah) well alright then…….. So beautiful to me ‘Cause if you ever had a good love Then there’s one thing you got to know——————– I am not about to get checked for trying to take credit for LAKESIDES joint so

FELLAS…DO……. y’alls …….thang………

Well all right now!!!!!!!!! What I will do since I am passionate about reading and writing words which convey thought and emotion. I’m gon put my stamp on it….About my love for this creation called…….Woman….I am also visual, so I will share some videos as well.

Words do not deserve her… But through the eyes of an observer, I try to verbally murder The page with adjectives and verbs ta Attempt to do her justice… Bust… this… As I continue to find scripts To give mental fits To hypocrites That say that she’s not worthy… And for anyone who’s ever heard me Knows that I’m topsy-turvy over… She… But who is she, you ask? Well, she’s… every woman from my past Present and future The Kama to my Sutra She’s absolute beauty And her absolute beauty Amazes me absolutely… And with every attribute, she Infuses love into my memory And it is all the energy I need to proceed Throughout infinity… Her femininity is pure And I love her from ceiling to floor As history has me coming back For more… So that it can repeat itself Supersede itself Simply read itself To comprehend a better understanding… And when love is all that’s left standing It is an ovation That calls for celebration Because love conquers all situations… And I did it all for she Then she turned around And did it all for me… Respectfully… See, the rib is the hearts protection And whenever I feel myself Going in the wrong direction I simply find her in my reflection And God makes the connection… Because she’s priceless in my mind… Because you can’t put A price tag on a woman that fine So stop disrespecting her By calling her a dime… Because she surpasses that Infinite times… And you know damn well That dimes come in dozens And I will not compare her To loose change for nothing Because I cannot deface the value of she And she will forever be My priceless beauty… She was carefully sculpted By our Lord Gods hands And only those that truly respect her Will ever understand That it was all part of the plan That she was created As God’s gift to man… And because of that I will forever be a fan Of His gift… called



D.A.P (Dubbs Art & Poetry)

The urban definition of dap is the knocking of fists together as a greeting, or form of respect.

This section is not about knocking fists but it is about respect. The respect I have of the pens and pencils and how I/we make them
work….This is all about art and Poetry
As you peruse through this site, and your mental senses are aroused by what by what you read and comprehend, and you are visually stimulated by what Imagination, paper, pencils and pens can create. Show some love by leaving your comments in the guestbook.

I will grow, but I will grow into a more phenomenal artist with your help. You can also show love and support by visiting D Galleria. This is where you can buy originals and lithographs and apparel

Thank you in advance for your patronage, showing love to what I am striving to do. Please continue to check back as there is always something new and different as my greatest has yet to be created..

Until then here’s some………..


I would /should first like to say that when you read these posts, it is because I was guided to create them. I’m saying that so that you know I do not have the gift of gab, and I can’t just come off the dome. I (once again) will say that I am directed to write this particular piece at this particular time. I do not understand it y’all, I just make it do what it do when I’m directed to do it..Okay?

The topic I’m speaking on today is about choices/Free will. When we were created. It was not intended for us to just be robots, and naturally follow Gods commands. It was made clear in no uncertain terms, that we would have a choice as to what we will/would do…Every second of every minute of every hour of every day of…well you should by now get the point….It comes down to we ALWAYS have Free Will/Choice…Feel me?

When I was a lil shortie I use to hate hearing my people telling me No!. It was like, No you can’t go to the roller rink. No! you can’t get that call from that hussy (ha ha) “Come on now…Graaanma” I said No boy, you heard me!!!!!!!

you can’t drive the car today, No! you can’t go out with your friends; No. No. No. No! Damn Y’all…All I heard was No! Needless to say, this pissed me t totally off at 15. I thought to myself, “Who are you, to tell me what I can, and can’t do? “It’s all about me and, I’m grown….shoot I’m 15

( INSERT pic)”

“All of my friends are kicking it doing whatever they want to do, so why you trippin? then my hommies would get bold, yet respectful and whisper things in my ear like…..Dude Mrs.so & so be trippin, I’m not down with this…What’s Up?How you gonna let them play you like that man?

One Hommie, the one that we all thought was deep into the word ( because he went to church every Sunday) Flipped the script and said… “Do you not know that God gave you a free will to do whatever you want?” “They already lived their life, live yours; it’s your life!

I’m ignorant to this free will thang, so I asked bruh…what this was about right….So as ol boy starts to give me his worldly definition of this Free will..Like many of us do(still do) I ran off half cocked and ready to defend my case..

( Insert Pic )

I’m thinking…Ol Girl needs to back up and let me do me right?I got this all figured out Y’all….No more listening to these rules..I’m doin
I pondered. Before long, I stog me I turned the ringer off at night so she wouldn’t hear the phone ring so I could receive late night phone calls. I sneaked out of the house and handled my business, hung out with my people. I did a 360 of what Grandma expected me to do. Remember, I’m grown, with knowledge of free will right?


It was my life! Well Grandma was ol school, and she was not having this mess, so she said my way or th Frustrated, I eventually ran away from hoe highway……(Choice) at age 16 I took that GED and bounced. I had no more rules. I then found myself homeless, and without food or a ride, essentially, not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of…

(insert pic)

Being in this mind frame was my life, and no one was going to tell me what to do or how to live it, I started accepting things for what they were. I vowed not to go back, because I refused to live by those rules! I carried this way of thinking right into adulthood.

Knowing what the bible said about the Ten Commandments, the devilhe devil was talking to me and I was listening……The devil said “God is trying to tell you how to live your life; just like your people did.” “Are you going to allow Him to tell you how you should live your life? “He gave everybody a free will, so you can do whatever you want.” True that!!, I thought again. This was like Déjà Vu! Therefore, I freely had sex, got drunk, hit up them juke joints, every weekend, became a thief,drug dealer, and a few other things, envied others, was not forgiving, and did whatever I chose to do.Listen up People.., it was my life, and I had a free will to do whatever I wanted!

(Insert pic)

It took a minute, but because of my disobedience and rebellion, I got somebody pregnant without being married to them, served some jail time, messed up my credit, and became a pathological liar that couldn’t be trusted. Because of an unwilling heart to obey God, I became a fool, and was cursed because of my ignorance and rebellion. Similar to my childhood, I became bitter, and just accepted things for the way that they were, because it was my life! So I cheated the system, received money from my worldly ways, lived in poverty and sickness, and accepted being cursed, rather than experiencing the very best that God wanted to offer for my life. Somewhere along the line, I was deceived.

( insert pic)

Word People! God indeed gives us ( you and me) free will, but the free will that He’d gives us is for for the purposes of loving Him with all our heart, might, soul, and strength. How many people are there in the world today that has rebeled against God, because they were FOOLED to believe that He didn’t WANT the very BEST for their life? Make sure you seek God, and all of His righteousness, that you don’t be deceived to believe that your wrong doings are justified by the free will that He’s given you. Be advised that the devil keeps a track record of your life; and will utilize the same tactics he performed through your childhood, to get you to rebel against God as an adult. Truly live a free will life today, by accepting Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior; and walking in a manner that acknowledges and pleases the Lord! This is real spit Y’all..

Till I’m asked to write my next piece

A Positive Soul Speaks

A-pos-soul Speaks An apostle, from Classical Greek ἀπόστολος (apóstolos), meaning “one
who is sent away”,[1] is a messenger and ambassador. The purpose of such “sending away” is to convey messages, and thus “messenger” is a common alternative translation.[1out ]


A-pos-soul Speaks
For those of you who do not know the correct definition of an apostle…it is defined as the above.

I would like to say that this is a blog, and it’s purpose is to teach….not to demean those that are not as up to par with scripture.
I was one of those people. I was as street as they came y’all, and as hard as I was..I was scared….I stayed away from church and Christian people, because those I initially came into contact did those very things to me ( tried to make me feel lowly & without purpose, uneducated) I believed them.

I can tell you this…In those streets I knew things and I had a Bachelors in being hard, a Masters in hustling, and I earned my Phd in survival mode. It was an altogether different mode when I tried to
turn it around for Christ. I was infantile in my thinking and the surroundings and I did not know it at the time but the Devil was working on me through these so called Christians…He allowed them to slowly sway me away from what I was trying to…………come to…….The Lord, and for years it worked. I allowed their shortcomings to almost become my downfall, but God had plans for me, and I resurfaced ( years later) but I came back, just as hard for Christ, as I was for them streets.

That is what this blog section is about…to reach out to those that are hard but scared, educated in the ways of the world, but ignorant to the teachings of Christ. I am no bible thumper, no sly, slick and wicked preacher…I am simply a brother that was lost and found the path, still on his way, trying to help those that are/were like me together we can aspire(climb high). Some of you will continue reading and get your learn on, some of you will stop ( if you even got
this far) because I am not talking about who is sexin who, or who called who a HO…It’s cool like that…cause you aint ready…We all do things in our own/appointed and then sometimes people resist change and continue to remain in the depths of dire.

I have learned in these years of my existence that everything we do is a matter of choice.
Proverbs 16:9
The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

My choice has me embarking on this journey doing my thang with this blog, and as I said in the beginning…Learning & teaching, and
through it all we will make it..together……

Everyday, we read about, watch it, or hear about something in the news and the majority of it is depressing and negative. Well this section here is about bring positive things.. There are no days where we won’t have our trials and tribulations, but everyday is beautiful…because as bad as it may be, it can always be worse.

We have to remember that after every storm there is a rainbow…This section will be that rainbow.



D.O.D The Duality Of Dubbyoo

Tim Wright A.K.A. Dubbyoo, the multidimensional artist, poet & Social Blogger has been putting pen to paper since adolescence and his weapons consist only of the power of thought, his drive, honesty, confidence, andmultidimensional viewpoint.

Dubbyoo has yet another love, his passion for reality, so he can compose a very diverse array of prose from black history & heritage to love and sex, religion, politics and parenting. From fatback and mustard greens to conflicts in Iraq and helping others recognize their dreams- there is no limit to his subject matter. This is a self motivated man and very focused on his goals, and has managed to do all these things being a devoted husband, parent and Christian. This is a brother to be respected and recognized for that which he has done and that for which he will do. If you know him…You know he is real, and if you do not….well, what are you waiting on