This is Dubbyoo's Journey from from a troubled past
to a prosperous future....

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to
prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future

I created Flow-N-inque to be a Christian based company that will
focus on family principles and enlightenment through influential,raw &
gritty educational poetry and heartfelt and passionate art. I truly
believe  that everything that we encounter is a matter of choice, as
it is your choice to peruse through this site and hopefully choose to

 I also believe that we all have a purpose. My abilities to speak
through my pens, whether it is a visual piece you find interesting, or
through something you read that I wrote that moves you and helps you
grow is my purpose.

Those who have chanced upon this site, or found it by the mention of
another and choose to follow Flow -N-Inque and learn about me.
Welcome!  You will learn that your troubled past does not dictate the
outcome of your  future.

Consequently, you will also learn, as I did, and choose to defy the
odds by conquering, overcoming, and not engaging yourselves in the
negative, unethical behaviors that you may have witnessed or
encountered on the streets.

I am not here to preach at you. I'm here to help you grow as I grow with you. I have found the road that leads me on my journey, and this.....this right here what you have read and what you have seen, and will see, well this is my purpose...

In my time spent here on this beautiful earth. I have come to realize how many people are oppressed from the negative experiences that they've encountered from their past.

It is because of those negative influences that a large part of our society...believe that they are insignificant, without purpose, and incapable of having a joyous productive meaningful life which ultimately causes them to become repulsive, rebellious and ultimately have a defeatist attitude/mentality. I am speaking from personal experiences Y'all.So ......Since I have first hand knowledge of how unfortunate situations can set up barriers when it comes to positive thinking.

Flow-N-Inque came to fruition and I quickly released the shackles of shyness, inferiority and ultimately Pride...and honestly began to testify about my life experiences through poetry, blogging, and painting.

I am unique. However, I am no more special than you, and each one of us has a story to tell, and can use a great deal of encouragement as you/we tell our stories. With this knowledge I have tried to develop different ways to encourage you to be uplifted upon this site.

Allow Flow-N-Inque to be the vessel for your inspiration, where there is hope,peace, faith and love.

The Lord promised a prosperous future for all of us......If we Just........Believe!!!!!


This is real talk people...Let's make it do what it do!!!!!!!!!!