Tim Wright aka Dubbyoo, is the quintessential self taught artist that has become very creative with the use of charcoal. Talented in the use of many mediums including Pens and Inks. Dubbyoo's current passion for charcoal, stems from the challenges it presents. Dubbyoo has
developed a style of artistry that allow his renderings to exude a soulfulness.

Dubbyoo views his vision as a gift and feels his
creativity derives from a natural force.
You can find portraits that showcase Dubbyoo’s' versatility in the use of multiple mediums and subjects.

I hope you enjoy viewing these images for it is always my goal as an artist to provoke some sort of response in the viewer and impress upon you my style of art as I see it. Thank you for taking the time to browse through my gallery and feel free to contact me with any
questions or comments. If you are interested in purchasing original or print artwork by Dubbyoo then please visit

“I create because I have a GOD given ability to. I create images that intrigue me The pencil and Ink mediums work best for me currently.
My goal is to create art that catches your attention and makes you think. I am passionate about creating realistic images that are done passionately and with class".

I'm that self taught student of art and I continue to learn the visual and expressive abstractions that constitute realistic images,  and I am constantly striving to improve my skills.

Thanks for taking a look, and I will say again,  if you have any questions about anything you have seen, please contact me.


Stay tuned as my best & greatest has yet to be created...