A-pos-soul Speaks An apostle, from Classical Greek ἀπόστολος (apóstolos), meaning "one
who is sent away",[1] is a messenger and ambassador. The purpose of such "sending away" is to convey messages, and thus "messenger" is a common alternative translation.[1out ]

 A-pos-soul Speaks
For those of you who do not know the correct definition of an is defined as the above.

I would like to say that this is a blog, and it's purpose is to teach....not to demean those that are not as up to par with scripture.
I was one of those people. I was as street as they came y'all, and as hard as I was..I was scared....I stayed away from church and Christian people, because those I initially came into contact did those very things to me ( tried to make me feel lowly & without purpose, uneducated) I believed them.

I can tell you this...In those streets I knew things and I had a Bachelors in being hard, a Masters in hustling, and I earned my Phd in survival mode. It was an altogether different mode when I tried to
turn it around for Christ. I was infantile in my thinking and the surroundings and I did not know it at the time but the Devil was working on me through these so called Christians...He allowed them to slowly sway me away from what I was trying to............come to.......The Lord, and for years it worked. I allowed their shortcomings to almost become my downfall, but God had plans for me, and I resurfaced ( years later) but I came back, just as hard for Christ, as I was for them streets.

That is what this blog section is reach out to those that are hard but scared, educated in the ways of the world, but ignorant to the teachings of Christ. I am no bible thumper, no sly, slick and wicked preacher...I am simply a brother that was lost and found the path, still on his way, trying to help those that are/were like me together we can aspire(climb high). Some of you will continue reading and get your learn on, some of you will stop ( if you even got
this far) because I am not talking about who is sexin who, or who called who a HO...It's cool like that...cause you aint ready...We all do things in our own/appointed and then sometimes people resist change and continue to remain in the depths of dire.

I have learned in these years of my existence that everything we do is a matter of choice.
 Proverbs 16:9
The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

My choice has me embarking on this journey doing my thang with this blog, and as I said in the beginning...Learning & teaching, and
through it all we will make it..together......

Everyday, we read about, watch it, or hear about something in the news and the majority of it is depressing and negative. Well this section here is about bring positive things.. There are no days where we won't have our trials and tribulations, but everyday is beautiful...because as bad as it may be, it can always be worse.

We have to remember that after every storm there is a rainbow...This section will be that rainbow.