I would /should first like to say that when you read these posts, it is because I was guided to create them. I'm saying that so that you know I do not have the gift of gab, and I can't just come off the dome.  I (once again) will say that I am directed to write this particular piece at this particular time. I do not understand it y'all, I just make it do what it do when I'm directed to do it..Okay?

The topic I'm speaking on today is about choices/Free will. When we were created. It was not intended for us to just be robots, and naturally follow Gods commands. It was made clear in no uncertain terms, that we would have a choice as to what we will/would do...Every second of every minute of every hour of every day of...well you should by now get the point....It comes down to we ALWAYS have Free Will/Choice...Feel me?

When I was a lil shortie  I use to hate hearing my people telling me No!.  It was like, No you can't  go to the roller rink. No! you can't get that call from that hussy (ha ha) "Come on  now...Graaanma" I said No boy, you heard me!!!!!!!

you can't drive the car today, No! you can't go out with your friends; No. No. No. No! Damn Y'all...All I heard was No! Needless to say, this pissed me t totally off at 15. I thought to myself, "Who are you, to tell me what I can, and can't do? "It's all about me and, I'm grown....shoot I'm 15

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"All of my friends are kicking it doing whatever they want to do, so why you trippin? then my hommies would get bold, yet respectful and whisper things in my ear like.....Dude & so be trippin, I'm not down with this...What's Up?How you gonna let them play you like that man?

 One Hommie, the one that we all thought was deep into the word ( because he went to church every Sunday) Flipped the script and said... "Do you not know that God gave you a free will to do whatever you want?" "They already lived their life, live yours; it's your life!

I'm ignorant to this free will thang, so I asked bruh...what this was about right....So as ol boy starts to give me his worldly definition of this Free will..Like many of us do(still do) I ran off half cocked and ready to defend my case..

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I'm thinking...Ol Girl needs to back up and let me do me right?I got this all figured out Y'all....No more listening to these rules..I'm doin
I pondered. Before long, I stog me I turned the ringer off at night so she  wouldn't hear the phone ring so I could receive late night phone calls. I sneaked out of the house and handled my business, hung out with my people. I did a 360 of what Grandma expected me to do. Remember, I'm grown, with knowledge of free will right?


It was my life! Well Grandma was ol school, and she was not having this mess, so she said my way or th Frustrated, I eventually ran away from hoe highway......(Choice) at age 16 I took that GED and bounced. I had no more rules. I then found myself homeless, and without food or a ride, essentially, not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of...

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Being in this  mind frame was my life, and no one was going to tell me what to do or how to live it, I started accepting things for what they were. I vowed not to go back, because I refused to live by those rules! I carried this way of thinking right into adulthood.

Knowing what the bible said about the Ten Commandments, the devilhe devil was talking to me and I was listening......The devil said  "God is trying to tell you how to live your life; just like your people did." "Are you going to allow Him to tell you how you should live your life? "He gave everybody a free will, so you can do whatever you want." True that!!, I thought again. This was like Déjà Vu! Therefore, I freely had sex, got drunk, hit up them juke joints,  every weekend, became a thief,drug dealer, and a few other things,  envied others, was not forgiving, and did whatever I chose to do.Listen up People.., it was my life, and I had a free will to do whatever I wanted!

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It took a minute, but because of my disobedience and rebellion, I got somebody pregnant without being married to them, served some jail  time, messed up my credit, and became a pathological liar that couldn't be trusted. Because of an unwilling heart to obey God, I became a fool, and was cursed because of my ignorance and rebellion. Similar to my childhood, I became bitter, and just accepted things for the way that they were, because it was my life! So I cheated the system, received money from my worldly ways, lived in poverty and sickness, and accepted being cursed, rather than experiencing the very best that God wanted to offer for my life. Somewhere along the line, I was deceived.

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Word People! God indeed gives us ( you and me)  free will, but the free will that He'd gives us is for for the purposes of loving Him with all our heart, might, soul, and strength.  How many people are there in the world today that has rebeled against God, because they were FOOLED to believe that He didn't WANT the very BEST for their life? Make sure you seek God, and all of His righteousness, that you don't be deceived to believe that your wrong doings are justified by the free will that He's given you. Be advised that the devil keeps a track record of your life; and will utilize the same tactics he performed through your childhood, to get you to rebel against God as an adult. Truly live a free will life today, by accepting Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior; and walking in a manner that acknowledges and pleases the Lord! This is real spit Y'all..

Till I'm asked to write my next piece