Time and time again, I was told by my grandmother that God doesn't make any mistakes.  I loved my grandma, but what she was saying dd not make sense so I then began to question God.  When grandma saw this, she immediately told me to be quiet because a man wasn't suppose to question God.  In respect, I did exactly what she said and kept my mouth shut(that or get slapped).  I couldn't help but think, however, about the disabled kids I was seeing, that were in wheelchairs, back braces, on crutches, wore helmets on their heads, and couldn't stop themselves from drooling out of their mouth.  Surely, God messed up when He made them, I thought to myself.  How come they couldn't have the health and strength that I had?  Why did they have to be subjected to the name callings and ridicule of others? 

I then thought about those people they showed on television, you remember...those that the celebrities would try and get you to sponsor- that had insects swarming all around them; who didn't have access to clean water, medical care, and was dying from starvation.  Did God care about them?  Maybe He made another mistake hmnnn????

How about the innocent bystanders that died from the result of something they couldn't control such as bombings, war, robbery, stabbing, or a stray bullet?  How could a loving God allow these horrible things to occur and happen to people on a regular basis?  Certainly, God had to make a mistake somewhere, I was thinking- what's up?


Since I wasn't suppose to question God about these things, I posed the question to parents, teachers, leaders, and mentors.  But all they could say was that I needed to be thankful for the life that I lived.  When they told me this, I became more confused. Was I suppose to rejoice because I wasn't handicapped?  Was I suppose to be thankful because I had food on the table?  Was I suppose to be happy because my residence didn't get bomb; and I didn't get robbed, stabbed, or shot by a stray bullet?  Was I??? How unfair would that be to all the others who experienced these things?


The day that I truly sought God, and grew to know Him by His nature and Diety, I found out that a man shouldn't question God.  I'm suppose to "REJOICE".  I'm suppose to "BE THANKFUL".  I'm suppose to "BE HAPPY".  I'm suppose to be appreciative of the life that God has given me!  One thing that I've learned, is that we can't explain why things happen the way that they happen, due to our "FUTILE" minds.  Who can explain how the "SUN" shines everyday of our lives, without it ever malfunctioning?  Who can explain the complexity of all creation; in which an owl can turn its head 360 degrees, where a bat can hang and sleep upside down, and a human possessing the intelligence to travel to the moon? 

When we lean on our own understanding, we never see the bigger picture; which is God's purpose.  All things work for the good of those who love God, and is called according to His purpose.  Just like the blind man in the scriptures who committed no sin to cause his blindness; but was healed that God may be glorified, so is everything else that we may not understand. The Cross I now know why man shouldn't question God.  The reason why is because God's ways are much higher than our ways, and his thoughts are much higher than our thoughts.  We just have to pray for those in need, and trust God. Feel me?