Tim Wright A.K.A. Dubbyoo, the multidimensional artist, poet & Social Blogger has been putting pen to paper since adolescence and his weapons consist only of the power of thought, his drive, honesty, confidence, andmultidimensional viewpoint.

Dubbyoo has yet another love, his passion for reality, so he can compose a very diverse array of prose from black history & heritage to love and sex, religion, politics and parenting. From fatback and mustard greens to conflicts in Iraq and helping others recognize their dreams- there is no limit to his subject matter. This is a self motivated man and very focused on his goals, and has managed to do all these things being a devoted husband, parent and Christian. This is a brother to be respected and recognized for that which he has done and that for which he will do. If you know him…You know he is real, and if you do not….well, what are you waiting on