giving dap

The urban definition of dap is the knocking of fists together as a greeting, or form of respect.

This section is not about knocking fists but it is about respect. The respect I have of the pens and pencils and how I/we make them
work....This is all about art and Poetry
As you peruse through this site, and your mental senses are aroused by what by what you read and comprehend, and you are visually stimulated by what Imagination, paper, pencils and pens can create. Show some love by leaving your comments in the guestbook.

I will grow, but I will grow into a more phenomenal artist with your help. You can also show love and support by visiting D Galleria. This is where you can buy originals and lithographs and apparel

Thank you in advance for your patronage, showing love to what I am striving to do. Please continue to check back as there is always something new and different as my greatest has yet to be created..

Until then here's some...........dap logo